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Meet the Odyssey crew

The Odyssey experience is only as good as the staff who deliver it, so we consistently use the very best that can be found.

The five who run any given course are drawn from a much larger pool of staff trained in delivering Odyssey courses. Staff members are picked on a rotational basis, to ensure fresh enthusiasm and diversity in running the courses.

Most of the staff normally work as freelancers in the field of outdoor development training, with both charities and businesses. Between them, they have an immense breadth of experience, a passionate belief in the power of the outdoors and a huge sense of fun. They are also incredibly well tuned with the cancer element to the course and will ensure that each participant feels comfortable at all times.

Meet some of them here.

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“My Odyssey journey was amazing … I felt really great at the end of the week and feel so much better spiritually and mentally.”
Brenda Channing
“For me, Odyssey was like opening the wardrobe door to Narnia, I came back to the real world knowing there is a little bit of magic somewhere!”
Mandy Meeks
“Most of all, Odyssey helped me to make the most of every day without worrying about tomorrow.”
Sandi Burrows


Odyssey Project is a registered charity (1045259) and company limited by guarantee (0303150).


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